Kick-off Canadian 7x24 Exchange Chapter Event

  • Canadian 7 x 24 Exchange Conference at InterContinental, Toronto

  • Vello Ehvert Presents a Canadian 7x24 Chapter

    Vello Ehvert Presents a Canadian 7x24 Chapter

Beginning of a new Canadian 7x24 Chapter

The aim of this introductory event was to launch the Canadian 7x24 Exchange Chapter and to make various people in the industry aware of our own goals well as those of the national chapter, with a focus on the emerging data center market in Toronto.

Business within this industry is rapidly expanding in Canada, with Toronto being at the forefront. The Canadian 7x24 Exchange Chapter’s objective is to bring individuals involved in all aspects of mission facilities together to discuss new technologies, best practices, challenges and case studies unique to various companies. This sharing platform is an excellent way to keep on top of these topics and keep and open dialogue amongst its members.

This initial event proved to be a great jumping off point for the Canadian Chapter and we look forward to hosting many more in the future.